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Booya! is a Web Extension that allows you to create instant email aliases keeping your private email, well..., private.
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Booya! makes it super easy and convenient to create new email aliases.
Only one click away
Open Booya! and get your email alias in a single click. You can't get enough of it.
Multiple Domains
Got domains?! Feel free to choose the most appropriate one for the situation. There's no limit.
Works in forms too
Just right-click on any text field and Booya!, you got a fresh new email alias pasted in there for free.

A quick walkthrough

This is a 2-minute walkthrough of Booya! web extension that displays setup and basic functionality.

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Get a domain
Why Because you can get cheap domains and because they have that awesome forward email address feature (that's what we call email aliases).
Generate an API Key
The API Key will allow Booya! to create email aliases from your browser in a secure way.
Install Booya!
Just head over to the Firefox Addon library and install Booya! in a few seconds.
Setup Booya!
Configuring Booya! is super easy. The dedicated help page explains how get up an running in 3 minutes.

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